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Ladies and gents, this is what cowardice looks like. He blocks…

Ladies and gents, this is what cowardice looks like. He blocks me so that I can’t reblog and then proceeds to publish several posts about me. This is libel, slander, and harassment. “Gentiles”, which means non-Jews, are crazy, but look at how obsessive he is. If anyone is psychologically unfit, it’s this guy.

Anyway coward, keep this up and I’m reporting you and to date, the blogs I’ve reported have been shut down for good. Funny enough, the most recent one was an actual anti-Semite who told one of his interlocutors that she should be put in an oven because she “looks Jew.” You obviously don’t know what real anti-Semitism or racism look like. I do know what obsession and hate look like. It looks like your blog. This is why I don’t regret being rude to you from the start because you’re consistently hateful and rude towards non-Jews; your hate is even proudly displayed on your blog’s headline. And I know you have another blog going under a similar name; I’ll report them both because anyone can see that this is clear harassment from someone who has already called me a “fuck” and other things. “Bullheaded” means stubborn and is more an assessment of your incapacity to cede a point, let alone change your mind or let bygones be bygones. I’ve no interest in talking to you. Again, push your luck and I’m reporting both your blogs.

These are Jews on Tumblr folks. So far I’ve met only one that wasn’t hateful and obnoxious. I’ve met a few like this guy though. They basically push your buttons to get you to at least appear as though you hate one of them so that they can then accuse you of hating anyone that identifies as a Jew. No, I don’t hate the Jews in my local synagogue. I see them regularly and exchange smiles and good mornings with them. I don’t even hate rude and spiteful Christians and Jews on this site. I do highly dislike the way they accuse people of hatred when the fact of the matter is that the shoe fits them perfectly.