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There are fewer than ten references to homosex…

There are fewer than ten references to homosexuality in the bible (although Jesus himself has nothing to say about it). 

However, there are hundreds of references to the pernicious influence of money and how being rich is a bad idea (including many by Jesus).

Those using scripture to justify their homophobia never seem to have much to say about the money they make promoting their hate.

Christians claim their opposition to gay mar…

Christians claim their opposition to gay marriage (which most of the rest of us fairly uncontroversially understand as homophobia) is based on the “biblical definition of marriage as one man and one woman”. 

I feel like they are not as familiar with their bible as they claim.

Christians claim their opposition to gay mar…

Christians claim their opposition to gay marriage (which most of the rest of us fairly uncontroversially understand as homophobia) is based on the “biblical definition of marriage as one man and one woman”. 

I feel like they are not as familiar with their bible as they claim.

Two Malaysian women convicted of being lesbi…

Two Malaysian women convicted of being lesbians were caned in court watched by dozens of people on Monday.

“Sharia criminal procedure… requires that it must be witnessed by a number of other Muslims,” said

Satiful Bahri Mamat, a member of the Terengganu state executive council, who attended the hearing. “The reason it is carried out in public is for it to serve as a lesson to society,” he said.

The director of Pahang’s Islamic Religious Department, Mohamad Noor Abdul Rani, welcomed the punishment “as it shows the beauty of Islam” and said it could spread to his state.

In case you think this is an Islamic problem, the Vatican reckons that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered” and that gay sex acts are “acts of grave depravity”. The problem is religion.



I posted this on Facebook and I will share it here as well: 

“In light of Pride Month, I want to understand something and maybe some of my LGBTQ friends can enlighten me:You say this month and is all about the pride to be who you really are so you don’t have to be persecuted anymore for loving who you want. You say that this pride is not the sinful, selfish form of pride.Why then do you seek to destroy the lives of anyone who speaks against you? The crossfit director who was fired, the bakery owner who declined to decorate a gay wedding cake, Christians who refuse to sign marriage licenses, churches who refuse to host gay weddings, Christian florists, the list goes on and on. You (and I’m speaking of a collective “you”) believe these people hate you, and your response doesn’t seem to show the love you so loudly profess. I’m willing to hear your side of things, as well as face backlash for even posing these questions.” 

Please let me know what you think. Hopefully we can have a discussion without resorting to swearing or name-calling.


Because differing beliefs and discrimination are not the same thing.

Because fighting for your rights is not the equivilant of “destroying someones life”.

The law says lgbt individals can marry- IT IS THEIR RIGHT. So when a worker refuses to sign a marriage liscense (when thats their job) they are not only refusing to do their job, but they are also ignoring the law.

Your religion does not have power of the state/national laws. We are a secular nation. We have secular laws. You dont get to decide whether or not other people drink, get tattoos, eat meat, write with their left hand, OR GET MARRIED.

If doing your job goes against your beliefs that is not on the people you are providing the service to that is on you and you alone.

The baker who refuses to bake the cake is discriminating. We are not forcing them to make a specific product or to run their business a specific way. We are asking for all individuals to be treated as equals. You dont get to discriminate and claim its your religious right. Its not.

If you believed that black people were immoral or if you had a “holy text” that stated poc were less than you and you refused to service them no one would argue that that is discrimination. This is the same thing.

Could you imagine if you refused to sell your product to women, poc, or left handed individuals?

If you can’t do your job because its against your beliefs, find another job.

******** I keep using we, but i dont ‘think’ I actually fall into lgbt+??? so consider the we as me speaking as an ally~ Im not trying to speak for others who are actually in the community******


I’m so excited for life!

I’m alive right now.

I got to see gay marriage become legalized in my own country.

I got to see ireland fight a ban on abortion and W I N, giving me hope for women everywhere!

I get to see rape actually being talked about!

Internalized and systematic racisim is being noticed, discussed, and fixed bit by bit!

People are becoming more accepting of individuals from all walks of life!

We are embracing differences!

I have so much hope for women, races, and yes even the irreligious communities 💚

Yes, we have a lot of problems. No everything is not great, but everyday we take a few steps further.

Today is a good day to be alive, and tomorrow will be even better!!!!

Enjoy being alive 💚💛💚

This is a response image I found to the defens…

This is a response image I found to the defensive image circulating about how we should all respect the rights of homophobic Christians to publicly hate gay people without consequence.

Here’s how free speech works: 

You are free to have hateful opinions about gays (or anyone). You are free to express those opinions in an open society. I am free to point out that those opinions are atavistic and homophobic and they have no place in a progressive, inclusive society. 

This text is edited from an original blog post…

This text is edited from an original blog post by Stephen Law. I did not write it, but I agree with both everything here and in the original post (which is substantially longer, if you’re interested).

Religion is a source of much bigotry and oppression. It is one of the main mechanisms of oppression of women, gays, and other minorities around the world. For many oppressors, religion is the fundamental justification for their oppression. To focus only on other factors will, therefore, be to miss a key cause.

Islam has a particularly bad problem with its treatment of women, gays, and apostates. To ignore this contributes to the problem and betrays those moderate Muslims who are themselves trying to deal with such religiously motivated bigotry.

That’s not to say all religious are bigots or that religions can’t change or anything crass like that. Nor is it to deny that, say, Western actions across the Middle East have resulted in very serious injustices which also fuel certain hatreds and bigotries and that this needs addressing too.

But not to acknowledge the causes and justifications of bigotry and oppression lying deep in certain religious ideologies – to try to paper over them out of some misdirected sense of tolerance, etc. – is a bad idea.

If you can ignore the Bible’s position on shellfish, mixed…

If you can ignore the Bible’s position on shellfish, mixed fibres, slavery, incest and blood sacrifice, maybe you can shut up about gays.

Prove to me that hell exists, and then we can talk about who will or won’t be going there.

So, Richard Dawkins got into trouble (again) for posting this…

So, . 

The objections seem to fall into two main groups: 

1. People who feel that homophobia is unrepresentative of Islam, or that ISIS policies do not represent Islam. 

OK. Let’s forget about ISIS for a moment.

In Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, .

In others, such as Algeria, Maldives, Malaysia, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia and Syria, it is merely illegal.

More recently (i.e. today), reports are coming in from the Islamic republic of Chechnya (home of the “.

You either feel this is something to worry about or you don’t. You either accept that these policies are a function of Islamic control of these countries or you don’t. The good news, from my point of view, is that facts don’t care how Richard Dawkins, or Muslims, or you feel about them.  

Do you honestly believe it’s better to pretend that these things aren’t happening because some racists will feel vindicated by it? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t care about the opinions of racist asshats and I’m certainly not going to check with them to see if they feel a post of mine makes them happy or sad. 

By the way, these same critics if you’re interested.  

I have no idea what the “atheist agenda” is, but I suspect that it’s similar to the “gay agenda”. It’s what some people call the united efforts of atheists (or gays) to defend against the stupidity and violence to which they are subjected. I’m not sure you can call “leave us alone” an agenda, but I suppose if you see your oppressive worldview being dismantled by democracy and logic in front of your eyes, it might be unnerving.

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