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I so want to tell a Christian/Muslim “Oh you still believe in fairy tales? That’s adorwable!” Just to tick them off.

I made some tweets in support of #NoHijabDay. A Muslim replied to one of them, assuring me that no one is forced to wear a hijab, and to suggest otherwise is “bad propaganda”.

So, here’s some more “bad propaganda”.

The right to free speech is objectively more important than the right to be offended by it. 

The right to criticise Islam is objectively more important than a Muslim’s right to be offended by that criticism. 



Considering it’s a tool of oppression, it should damn well be banned. You wouldn’t want kids walking around in shackles, would you?

I can’t believe people think that hijabs are OK.  It’s like saying that genital mutilation is OK because it’s part of their culture.

Exactly! People don’t want boys having their foreskin (which serves an important biological function!) brutishly hacked off because “its part of their culture!”. But every Muslim girl is expected to wear a hijab, heck their culture is so bloodthirsty they kill girls for not wearing the damn thing.

“The path of Islam is always the same:
1- Establish a mosque
2- Create an enclave
3- Grow the population
4- Claim victimhood
5- Resist host authorities & customs
6- Exploit lawfare
7- Institute Sharia
8- Secede
9- Take control”

this is already happening in the West where people are demanding sharia law and sharia courts are starting to exist

“God is, to me, pretty much a myth created over time to deny the idea that we’re all responsible for our own actions.”

Seth Green

30,000 Muslims just met to condemn Isis:

More than 30,000 Muslims from 100 countries gathered this weekend to “promote the true, peaceful teachings of Islam” at the largest Islamic convention in the UK.

The Jalsa Salana event, held on a 200-acre farm in Hampshire, saw tens of thousands of Ahmadi Muslims come together to condemn “misinterpretations of Islam” and denounce extremism and terrorism.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community head Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad called for believers to “reject all forms of extremism” in the last of his five speeches.

“It is up to Muslims to stand up and reject all forms of extremism and terrorism. It is the task of Ahmadi Muslims to show the true teachings of Islam which are of peace love, mercy and compassion,” he said.

The Caliph, who is the spiritual leader of the community’s followers, regularly comments on religious extremism.

He has previously spoken out about the threat of terrorists entering Europe pretending to be refugees.

Before anyone gets into it, yes this is a smaller group of one different type of Islam. Blah blah blah, moving the goal posts etc. This is still pretty awesome.



This fucking bacon culture white people got has got me fucked up. You know Muslims can’t eat pork but y’all still disrespectfully eat it anyway

They are fully capable of eating pork, they simply choose not to because a book written by a pedophile says not to. Pork isn’t toxic to Muslims, they are humans and fully capable of eating and digesting pork.

Someone eating a food others simply choose not to is not “disrespectful”, it’s expressing the right to eat whatever one pleases. I don’t eat beef (because I find red meat to be nasty) but I don’t go around saying others can’t have a burger just because I don’t want to. How thin-skinned do you have to be to take offense to what someone else eats?

“If your personal beliefs deny what’s objectively true about the world, then they’re more accurately called personal delusions.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

If you complain that atheism is a white male thing, you don’t get to complain when non-white, non-male ex-Muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Sarah Haider or Maryam Namazie (and many others) trash Islam.