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How can you find it irrational or unnacceptable for us to believe that the universe just exists, but its totally rational and acceptable to believe a god/gods just exist…


Atheophobia on campus

Morehead State University.

In a building called Rader there was a religious hand written flyer on the cork board next to the room where SSA meets.

I support freespeech and freedom of religion so I wasn’t phased by this.

When another was added I was actually inspired by them to share some perspective as well. Im also a firm believer in equal representation.

When I added a flyer(hand written) almost word for word of a post I’ve made on here it looked pristine on the board.

Today I came in to find it crumbled and torn. The only flyer in this shape.

My response was to add another note above stating “dear whomever took to crumbling and tearing the message below: your acts display no grace, kindness, or acceptence. They say more about you and your beliefs than the ones on the paper you defiled. I hope you find a way to manage your intolerance and hate.”

do you believe in any sort of deity/ follow an…

do you believe in any sort of deity/ follow any religion? if so, what does your faith mean to you personally? if not, where do you draw your hope from?

Hm –very thoughtful questions, Anon.

I am an atheist who was raised Catholic in childhood. Religion didn’t really offer much for me and it upset me far more than it made me happy. I understand this is often different for other people; some people find happiness and hope in religion, and others find that religion helps them in their paths to enlightenment and kindness. I have full respect for religious people who live good, honest lives and find happiness and solace in their faiths –religion just wasn’t for me, and that’s okay! Everyone’s paths are different and as long as you’re trying your hardest to be a good person and be good to others I think that’s all that really matters =]

As far as hope? I’m inspired by the people around me. Witnessing tenderness and growth in the people I love makes me feel like there must be good people everywhere who make the world a little brighter than it sometimes seems, and they also make me feel like I can become something great too. The wisdom of my dad (who had to drop out of college, work shitty jobs, and live in a trailer to raise me), whose own story makes me feel better about my own, makes me believe that if he got through some rough patches, I can get through my own shit. The curiosity and optimism in children make me want to be better and they also give me hope for a better future. The strength of my boyfriend makes me feel secure, and he is far more optimistic than I am; he makes me believe I can achieve great things and that together we can have a good life. And the fact that I’ve made it through all kinds of ups and downs makes me believe that there will be more to come and I’ll make it through those things too. 

I really don’t think god(s) have anything to do with those things. I just see what’s here. I see beautiful, strong, kind people and that’s enough for me. 

Thank you for asking, and I hope this was a sufficient answer!

“even atheists judge other atheists”

Of course they do. 

Firstly, were all human, humans judgeThe difference is whether or not you evaluate your judgements, consider what they are based off of (assumption or fact along with why you are judging it good or bad) and how much you let those judgments influence your actions.

Secondly, atheism is one lack of belief. That means there are a million and six(if you want to be literal there is an infinite amount) other beliefs and perspectives in which atheists can disagree upon within the community. The more things people disagree about the more they have to judge each other on.

Yes, even atheists judge other atheists. 

Christians judge other Christians.

Jews judge other Jews.

Pagans judge other Pagans.

Agnostics judge other agnostics.

People judge other people.

The important thing is that we try to find like minded people, that we build communities, and then we use those communities not to tear others down, but to have support when expanded our comfort zones.
Find your community. Grow. Stay open minded. 

gogh-save-the-bees:“You are strong – even on the days when it…


“You are strong – even on the days when it doesn’t feel like it. ”

To the atheists having a hard time

Good-life to you!

Thanking something that’s not there.

Whether you grow up religious or not, chances are you grow into a culturally religious society. Often this makes you pick certain things up.

One of these things I picked up is “thanking god” when something good happens or when I’m relieved that something bad didn’t happen. Being an atheist I never directed it at a god, but I was aware of the origin of my random thanking. 

Lately I’ve been focusing that on one of my favorite aspects of secularism, taking responsibility. When I start saying “thank you” I make myself think of who really had a hand in the turn out(because I know a god didn’t). 

I thank myself, for my part. 

I thank others for their doing. 

Sometimes there is no one to thank, so I just be grateful for good circumstances. 

I encourage others who find themselves thanking nothing to redirect their thoughts and consider what is responsible for the situation- It not only helps separate you a bit from the culturally theistic act, but it provides a chance for positive thinking. 

Thank something that IS there for a change.

Atheism =/= negative outlook

Yes, some atheists do have a negative life outlook, but so do some theists. 

There are many atheists who are very optimistic about life. 

Atheism can give you a sense of freedom towards your future. 

A sense of control. 

There are a lot of positives of atheism and there are even more positive beliefs that an individual can hold in an atheistic stance. 

My personal rule is that if you’re alive things can still get better. As long as you’re breathing you have a chance.