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Some of the best tips in the series for atheist/secular parents.

New goal!

I want to be back, but not to everyday posts again. My goal is going to be one post a week! Lets see how this goes 💚

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @

Guys Im taking a break!

There might be the occasional post on here, but its not going to be as often as normal.

Hopefully I will come back to it reenergized, but four years in Im feeling a little drained by it.

See you soon?

note- respect doesn’t mean giving them whatever they want. It means hearing them out and letting them have voice/be their own person(within reason).

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @

Help this blog out!

Hey guys, Im trying really hard to keep up with this blog and keep it on track, but I’m losing a bit of the passion for it…

Please, help keep the positive secularism going by submitting posts, sending asks, sending in messages/asks with suggestions on topics or post ideas etc.

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Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Virginia, Pennsylvania

“In God we trust” Is being promoted or forced onto public school walls.

8 states are supporting the marginalization of non-theist, polytheist, and monotheists who believe in a goddess rather than a god.

“These godly postings exclude and alienate the one-in-five students in our public schools who do not believe in god. And they’re meant to.These laws are not about patriotism, they’re about turning believers into insiders, and nonbelievers into outsiders. There’s nothing patriotic in undermining our nation’s secular Constitution.

-Freedom From Religion Foundation

Please speak out about this!

You have a voice, USE IT.

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @

Atheist Parenting Tips by Karen @