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“I have something to say to the religion…

“I have something to say to the religionists who feels atheists never say anything positive: You are an intelligent human being. Your life is valuable for its own sake. You are not second-class in this universe, deriving meaning and purpose from some other mind. You are not inherently evil – you are inherently human, possessing the positive, rational potential to help make this a world of morality, peace, and joy.

Trust yourself.” ~~ Dan Barker

Great words from a good man.


I do not hate your “god”.

Chances are, I am not even aware of your specific god.

Even if you’re a ‘Christian’ chances are the “god” you believe in and the god your ‘Christian’ neighbor believes in is not the same.

Yes, I know about a lot of different religions and a lot of different gods(goddesses as well), but with so many different religions, sects, interpretations, and individualized understandings~ its just not possible for me to be aware of every god that every theist believes in.

So no, I don’t hate your god. I’m not angry at your god.

I might be angry at the way some people use the concept of theism in order to do/justify harm.

I might be upset at the way certain churches systematically oppress large groups of people(from gender to race to beliefs).

But no, I have never hated your god.

I have never had A N Y feelings about any god, and I never will.

I simply don’t think they exists (no, not even yours).

Its hard to have emotions towards something you think is nonexistant…



In my view, nothing is “meant to be” a certain way.

Things shape themselves, each other, and the world as they develop. Often the world follows predictable patterns, but sometimes it doesn’t.

So, don’t worry about how being nonbinary is contrary to this theory or that system.

You are a marvelous being creating your own place in an endlessly wild, and growing universe.




“In short, Humanism is being good without god. It is above all an affirmation of the greatest common values we human beings have: the desire to life with dignity, to be “good.” But humanism is also a warning that we cannot afford to wait until tomorrow of until the next life to be good, because today— the short journey we get from birth to death, womb to tomb— is all we have. Humanism rejects dependence on faith, the supernatural, divine texts, resurrection, reincarnation, or anything else which we have no evidence. To put it another way, Humanists believe in life before death.”

— Good without god- Greg M. Epstein (via fit-vegan-chick)


Believing in and worshipping a “god” is not the same thing…

You can believe something exists without dedicating your life to it or following its words.

When I say that “even if a god existed I would not worship it” I am not saying that if you provided evidence of a god that I would still deny its existance~ Im saying that an existing god doesnt recieve my dedication or submission to its declarations (if in this hypothetical situation im given the choice) simply for existing.

If someone provided evidence I would happily accept that a god exists.

But I wont worship that god or follow a specific religion just because a god exists.

Further more, no one has provided that evidence.

theoutatheist:What we do to this world, to soc…


What we do to this world, to society, effects everyone after us. 
The only afterlife Im worried about is the life after me. 

Reblogging again because its one of my favorite posts, and hoping that this time it remains positive 


I’m so excited for life!

I’m alive right now.

I got to see gay marriage become legalized in my own country.

I got to see ireland fight a ban on abortion and W I N, giving me hope for women everywhere!

I get to see rape actually being talked about!

Internalized and systematic racisim is being noticed, discussed, and fixed bit by bit!

People are becoming more accepting of individuals from all walks of life!

We are embracing differences!

I have so much hope for women, races, and yes even the irreligious communities 💚

Yes, we have a lot of problems. No everything is not great, but everyday we take a few steps further.

Today is a good day to be alive, and tomorrow will be even better!!!!

Enjoy being alive 💚💛💚

#Atheist #God #Religion

#Atheist #God #Religion

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He’s not owning everyone, he used the same “artist argument” that has been tore down 100x ~ and the argument actually goes both ways.

Is it more ridiculous to think that the universe came to be on its own(via the big bang and expansion, both of which we have evidence backing) or that an all powerful, all knowing, omnipotent god (that we cant prove) came to be on its own and then created the universe?

The way i explain it is this: everything has an opposite. Ive encountered demons before. They suck, but luckily the ones i encountered got bored quickly when we proved difficult to spook. If demons exist, theres an opposite. Good and evil. Angels. Now, angels and demons both gotta come from somewhere. Most of them are true immortal spirits (meaning they were never “alive” in the human sense). So thus heaven and hell. Now, who rules them? Thus God and the Devil. Bam.

If that works for you than great, but thats not exactly proof or evidence. Its not enough to actually claim there is a god.

First and foremost you would have to define demon, what form it took, etc. Then you would have to provide evidence that there was no other possible explanation for besides “demonic activity”. Not to mention the terms angels and demons may be tied to theology, but calling something those terms does not make the “thing” theological.

So, even if demons existed that does not mean angels do, but lets go with this claim that everything NEEDS an opposite.

If angels and demons did exist they dont necessarily have to come from a god, just like humans dont. You would have the same difficulty proving a god created angels and demons as you would a god created humans. Proof of angels and demons would not prove a heaven and hell.

“Most of them are true immortal spirits”- how do you know this? Where does this statement come from? Whats the evidence of that?

Again- if this is just your personal thoughts that your sharing thats great(and im sorry for picking at it), but if youre trying to say that this is why a ‘god does exist’ then im here to tell you its extremely flawed.

*note I responded because it seemed like you were trying to make a point of it since OP was about “owning every atheist~ again Im sorry if that wasnt your intention*

Most of the time, people cant exactly “describe” the spirits that are bothering them. But i have seen pretty odd ones. My family has also, on the opposite end, experienced whats known as a guarian angel. So both exist, as an opposite to what the other represents. Demons are bringers of chaos, angels are bringers of peace. But unlike the omnipotent being that is God, they are supposedly not above making mistakes (the so-called fallen angels are a good example). Heaven and hell without a king, or at least someone to keep order, would be anarchy.

So what youre saying is that you dont have any evidence at all. That your way of explaining it to yourself is 100% based on unproven personal experience and further connections that you havent explained how you know and therefore does not apply to anyone but you?

Which is fine, you have the freedom of thought and belief. If that makes sense to you, thats wonderful… For you.

No one else. Your explaination applys to no one else.

Theres plenty of stories like mine on opposite ends of it. Ill post an example of a true miracle.

This baby should have DIED but didnt. Even a grown adult wouldnt normally survive being thrown 35 feet in a wreck like that, but an 8mo baby survived with only a few relatively minor injuries (cuts and bruises).

That is not proof or angels or a god.

All youve proven is that in EXTREMELY rare cases a baby can survive a horrific crash like that.

“Normally” being the key word. Its not the “norm” but that doesnt mean its supernatural.

I dont think you quite understand what evidence is.

As for other people having stories like yours; like yours, their stories are not backed by evidence. If you know of one that is, please share it.

Theres about a hundred stories of miracles available on the internet. But linking them all to prove a point is outright ridiculous. Goodbye.

@theoutatheist The ‘evidence’ you want cannot be provided yet, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It used to be believed that evil spirits caused sickness before we understood the science behind diseases, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the cause all along. Sometimes unexplainable things happen that are beyond science’s ability to explain.

We cannot prove to you the existence of a God, but you cannot disprove the existence of God either. Where is your proof that He doesn’t exist?

There isn’t anything that is currently at the disposal of modern day science that can prove or disprove the existence of God. Plus, it is outside the realm of science. Science is about understanding the workings of the natural world around us. That is the great misnomer, that if science doesn’t prove it, it doesn’t exist. There are plenty of things that science doesn’t cover and even more that it doesn’t try to. Your undying belief in science is more fallible than someone’s personal experience. Science is, as a matter of fact, a collection of personal experiences that can be repeated.

But there is always a margin of error. Sometimes science doesn’t explain what happened. People are in comas that shouldn’t be. People wake up from comas that shouldn’t. People live who should die and die that should live. When you can explain everything that is currently unexplainable in the universe (past and present), then you can prove that God does or doesn’t exist. Until then neither of us can say one way or another. Your disbelief in God is just as founded as my belief in God.


This is quite possibly one of the most concrete examples of bible stories come to life. Hows that? Scientists tried and failed repeatedly to explain why both cities were destroyed with no warning. Theyre too far apart for one city, should a building catch fire, to destroy the other. Theyre too far from the nearest volcano to catch fire from that. Etc. More to the point is the pattern and type of destruction. As if both cities just…combusted suddenly. Kaboom. Leveled. No physical evidence to explain why. Sodom and gamorrah are just one bit of proof that the bible is a history text, not myth. Chew on that.

The bible has multiple authors, multiple translations, and multiple edits. Even if one story was true in it that would not make it a historical text.

However, a lack of explaination does not mean the bible is correct.

You’d need evidence confirming that it was what the bible said happened. And even then, again, that proves one story in the bible.

Even if a god exists, I can say with certainty that the bible is not 100% accurate. Yes, certainty, why? Because it contradicts itself, its different translations contradict eachother, and the different edits ESPECIALLY contradict eachother. It proves that at the very least(though likely more) its inaccurate. The bible itself shows its inaccuracy.

You have not provided evidence that a god exists, just that there are things we havent explained yet.

Again, I support your right to believe, but dont tell other people to or talk about it like its fact. Its not fact. Its a belief based on your personal opinions and understandings.

Theres a reason no one listens to atheists and this is it. Throwing concrete evidence back in my face in the name of “science”. Science isnt absolute. Literally everything is a theory thats tested and tested again. Sometimes results contradict each other. And guess what? Science only exists for the concrete. But theres so much thats abstract. Just because you cant see something, doesnt mean it isnt real. Especially if theres evidence. You cant see air but no one is suffocating. We arent even close to exiting our little corner of the galaxy but that doesnt mean there isnt intelligent life on other planets. You cant claim something as not real just because we havent invented a way of “proving” it.

You have not provided any evidence and certainly not “concrete evidence”.

Gas is 100% observable (air). You can see it move leaves. You can see vapor. You can see it when its cold. You can feel it. And thats without even getting into a molecular level.

Unlike a god that you have NOT provided evidence for. Maybe you need a better understanding of what evidence is.

And for the record, I never once said a god doesnt exist. I never said it was an impossibility. If you go through every single response yoy will not see “god isnt real”, because it was never said. I said that its not a fact and that your “explaination” and “examples” did not make it fact. You are the one making a claim here, not me. The thing about making a claim, is you have to back it up with real evidence(yes, proof) before it can be a fact.

Unlike air, which we have real evidence for, your belief in a god is not a fact. Its a belief and nothing more.

Im sorry if that upsets you, but its the truth.



I dunno…

the idea of believing in a god or gods just in case they might be real, and then it turning out that there’s nothing terrifies me more than what the consequence of not believing in them at all would be if they were real.

The idea that all of the suffering and bullshit that life deals a lot of people all around the world every day is just a test to determine if that person worthy of finally being at peace from it all or not is just as terrifying.

Plus the idea of believing in ONE just incase is even more insane than choosing not to believe in any…

Like let me just choose this one religion and try to believe it just in case I get punished for not believing- but ignore all the thousands of other ones…

By that logic you should believe and practice all religions right ? Too bad they all contradict in one way or another so thats actually impossible.

What people really mean when they say “why dont you believe just in case” is “I want you to follow my religion because I believe it and I cant handle someone being different”.

Heres a reminder :

Be yourself and follow your own beliefs!