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Dan Barker

Dan Barker:

Free Will Explained Live

Dan Barker is talking about free will(based off of his new book) at morehead state!

You’re welcome to watch 🙂



How can you find it irrational or unnacceptable for us to believe that the universe just exists, but its totally rational and acceptable to believe a god/gods just exist…

18,000 children sent to faith schools against …

18,000 children sent to faith schools against parental preference:

NSS education and schools officer Alastair Lichten said: “We’ve long dealt with the problem of families losing out on their choice of local school due to discriminatory admissions. But the other side of that coin is that we are increasingly hearing from families with no choice but a faith school.

"This situation is exacerbated by the increasingly non-religious population, unpopular – and therefore undersubscribed – minority faith schools, school amalgamation biasing against secular schools and a lack of secular provision in rural communities.

"It’s unacceptable that so many children are being given a faith-based education when their parents do not even want it for them. The government must take steps to address this.”


Content posts I’ve been planning but havent written yet…

-“Liberty” and “in god we trust” on our money is contradictory if not moronic

-atheist/agnostic/irreligious representation on tv needs improvement

-More on privilege and atheism

-something else I cant remember…. Someone remind me to get at least one of these done this weekend (theyre too long to write on my phone)…


Atheophobia on campus

Morehead State University.

In a building called Rader there was a religious hand written flyer on the cork board next to the room where SSA meets.

I support freespeech and freedom of religion so I wasn’t phased by this.

When another was added I was actually inspired by them to share some perspective as well. Im also a firm believer in equal representation.

When I added a flyer(hand written) almost word for word of a post I’ve made on here it looked pristine on the board.

Today I came in to find it crumbled and torn. The only flyer in this shape.

My response was to add another note above stating “dear whomever took to crumbling and tearing the message below: your acts display no grace, kindness, or acceptence. They say more about you and your beliefs than the ones on the paper you defiled. I hope you find a way to manage your intolerance and hate.”


The forgotten category of privilege. 

We all know about racial privilege, privilege that comes with being born into certain classes, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability, citizenship, and so many more, but often forgotten is religious privilege. 

When I walk into a classroom in the south the first thing I do is evaluate the professor, look for religious paraphernalia, listen to any and all comments about religion, and judge how kind and accepting they sound. This judgment has nothing to do with their beliefs. It doesn’t affect me in anyway if they believe in a god, many gods, no gods, or the flying spaghetti monster. What does affect me is their response to me being an atheist. 

It is a real concern that the way I am viewed, treated, and evaluated will be impacted by my atheism being revealed. My safety is a concern.

It has recently been brought to my attention that people within some of the major religions(especially in the south) do not face this. They do not walk into a classroom wondering if it is safe to announce their faith. They do not wonder if a cross around their neck will limit their chance of getting a job. 

I’m not saying that theists never receive negative responses for their stances, rather, I am saying their life is not constantly revolving around whether or not they can be them in a certain setting. 

It is time to start talking about religious privilege. 

Don’t tear down what builds others up.

This goes for everyone. 

Lately I’ve been trying to return to positive, inspirational, encouraging posts for the irreligious/secular community. However, every time I make one I get an argument to why our position is wrong. 

It wasn’t a debate or a declaration of “correct” beliefs, it was a message to those on equal standing with similar perspectives in order to give them a little bit of light. 

I know that atheists(anti-theists, actually) have been known to do the same thing. It needs to stop. 

Stop tearing down things that build up others.  


You don’t need religion to have morals.
You don’t need a deity to have strength.
You don’t need a church to be charitable.
You don’t need theistic faith to make it through the day.

You are NOT broken.

You are whole.

You are enough.

*note if one of the things above help you, that’s wonderful this is a reminder that it isn’t a necessity.*