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How can you find it irrational or unnacceptable for us to believe that the universe just exists, but its totally rational and acceptable to believe a god/gods just exist…


Atheophobia on campus

Morehead State University.

In a building called Rader there was a religious hand written flyer on the cork board next to the room where SSA meets.

I support freespeech and freedom of religion so I wasn’t phased by this.

When another was added I was actually inspired by them to share some perspective as well. Im also a firm believer in equal representation.

When I added a flyer(hand written) almost word for word of a post I’ve made on here it looked pristine on the board.

Today I came in to find it crumbled and torn. The only flyer in this shape.

My response was to add another note above stating “dear whomever took to crumbling and tearing the message below: your acts display no grace, kindness, or acceptence. They say more about you and your beliefs than the ones on the paper you defiled. I hope you find a way to manage your intolerance and hate.”


You don’t need religion to have morals.
You don’t need a deity to have strength.
You don’t need a church to be charitable.
You don’t need theistic faith to make it through the day.

You are NOT broken.

You are whole.

You are enough.

*note if one of the things above help you, that’s wonderful this is a reminder that it isn’t a necessity.*

We are human-

Whenever someone asks “What are we without God”, the answer is… HUMAN. We are HUMAN whether we invite “God” into our lives or not. Piety does not make someone worth more than anyone else. 

source- @nighttimeserenade21

I do not need any promise of eternity to be ha…

I do not need any promise of eternity to be happy. My eternity is now. I have only one interest: to fulfill my purpose here where I am.

 Karen @

 Karen @

“If you can’t do your job, find another one”

I’ve said it a million times, but it has come to my attention that some believe I don’t support religious accommodation.

I support religious freedom and the right to beliefs – I may not support your beliefs, but I do support your right to have them. 

The thing is accommodations that don’t affect their job should be allowed. 

Allowing them accommodations in the dress code, or certain days off for their religious holidays (however I feel secular holidays should be held to the same standards, but that’s a different discussion) is fine. 

It’s when they start refusing to do their job or certain aspects of their job that I have a problem with (especially when those refusals apply to people of different beliefs/life styles)

So I say again:

If you can’t do your job, you need to find another job.

Reasons NOT to believe something:

1. Tradition- Just because its been believed for five generations, or because your mom told you to and she learned from her mom doesn’t mean its true or right(as in good).

2. Authority- Just because someone in a position of power says “hey, this is a thing” doesn’t mean its a thing or a good thing at that. – this especially applies if the belief is what gives them their power/authority.

3. It’s Nice or Comforting- Just because something sounds good and is comforting doesn’t mean its true. Although you want it to be true, that is not a reason to think or believe it is.

4. It feels true- Feelings are not reliable. Though trusting your gut is often a good thing when it comes to beliefs its simply not enough. 

5. Anecdotes- Just because somebody tells you their personal story of it happening doesn’t mean they aren’t, lying, confused, or inaccurate(or using one of the reasons above).

The only reasons to believe things is evidence, plausibility, or a combination of the two.

No beliefs do not have to be solid facts, but they should be backed by relevant evidence and or plausibility and should never be ridiculous or over complicated. 

*Though this post wasn’t initially inspired by Richard Dawkins famous letter to his daughter Juilet “good and bad reasons for believing”, I realized how close in context it was- so if you want more on this you should look that letter up*