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Men and sex.

A man is expected and assumed to love sex at all times

What man doesnt love sex? 

A man doesnt want a girl for anything but sex, right?

A woman raping a man? Any mans dream in a nutshell. 

Every boy only has one thing on his mind.

Your boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with you ? he must be cheating. 

You two arent having sex? Why are you holding out on him? 

You know he just wants to fuck you. 

Why havent you hit that yet? Is she holding out on you? 

How often do you hear about a man choosing to not have sex? How often do you hear about it in a positive way?

Why arent men provided with a chance to say no? Why are they EXPECTED to want sex? Why are we allowing these assumptions to continue? 

Dear men,
You dont have to want sex. You can say no. You can say no for one night, you can wait until your at a certain point in a relationship, you can wait until you’re married, you can have little to no interest at all. You can say no. You can admit and be not ready for sex. If you say no and someone continues, thats rape and they are monsters – Im sorry if you ever experience this. I’m sorry if you currently or ever feel like you need to be sexually ready at all times. I’m sorry that youre not given the chance to not want sex. I’m sorry you arent always given the choice because people expect to know the answer. I’m sorry. 

 Lets speak out, we cant change everyones mind, but we can introduce some new perspective. Lets start a new conversation. 

*note- Opening this conversation does NOT damage or take away from the discussions of woman in sexual situations ~ its simply expanding on the topic*


I hate genderization of any kind. 

With the small exception of pronouns(simply because they’re a part of speech) I truly dont care for gender conformity, in fact I’m 100% against it. 

Put bows in your baby boys hair, dress your girls in rocketships and blue baseball shirts/onsies.

Let boys play with makeup and flowers and girls with mud and trucks. 

Let them do the opposite(or the “norm” )without being considered “traditional”. 

Call boys gorgeous and girls handsome. 

There is no right or wrong to being a person as long as you do no harm. 

I dont care what bathroom you use. I dont care what colors you like. I dont care if you wear skirts or pants. 

Beyond innocent curiosity (and sexual relationships) I truly dont care if you have a penis or not- frankly it has nothing to do with your interests. 

If you really think that what someone has in their pants gets to have a say in their hobbies/styles/interest then I truly think you need to reevaluate the way you think.  

P.S. Dont assume someone is trans or gay just because they dont follow gender stereotypes.