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Hello. My name is Willy Toledo. I am a paladin…

Hello. My name is Willy Toledo. I am a paladin.

A paladin.

I am a mixture of wizard and brawler.

Willy Toledo is a Spanish actor. In July of last year, he posted the following on his Facebook page in response to a blasphemy trial: 

I shit on God and have enough shit left over to shit on the dogma of the holiness and virginity of the Virgin Mary. This country is unbearably shameful. I’m disgusted. Go fuck yourselves.

He was arrested in Madrid yesterday to face blasphemy charges himself, and he has not been allowed to speak with his lawyer, which his lawyer claims is “unheard of”. 

Blasphemy is literally a victimless crime. 

Despite the clearly superior #HolyToledo, his supporters are using the hashtag #IShitOnGod, or just shouting it in the street.