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Thank you to everyone who voted!


If youre not AMPED about MA the way I am, we cant be friends.

“State becomes first in U.S. history to successfully defend transgender rights by popular vote”

Dear anti-transgender people…

I get it, you believe that sex and gender are the same thing. You believe that if you have a penis you’re a man. If you have a vagina you’re a woman. Nothing else. Just your genitals decide if you’re a man or a woman. 

So, for a second I’m going to humor you. I’m going to pretend that there are just two positions and those positions are determined by your genes and what genitals you have. 

I will even go so far as to pretending that all births are xx or xy (which ignores the fact that 1-4 births aren’t). 

Here’s the thing, if the only thing that determines gender is sex that means anything not relating to your penis or vagina has nothing to do with gender. 

That means that styles/looks(so clothes, makeup, body modifications, colors, hair cuts/body hair, etc), body types, jobs, hobbies, essentially EVERYTHING (except maybe urinals and pads/tampons) has nothing to do with gender.

That means when you see a 5′11″ person with a strong build, a beard, wearing a football uniform walks into the woman’s bathroom because she has a vagina you need to not even question it, because none of that has to do with gender(which, according to you, is only based off of whether or not something has a penis or vagina). 

It means that men can wear dresses, skirts, pink and purple, have gorgeous long curly hair, shave their legs, paint their nails and do basically anything that gender roles, rules, and expectations say they shouldn’t. 

Because here’s the thing you can’t claim sex is the only factor in determining someones gender- you cant claim sex and gender are the same thing- until you’re willing to accept that gender isn’t decided by anything BUT sex.

You say someone is less of a man or less of a woman because they don’t act “masculine” or “feminine” and marginalize them, and bully them, and tell them they don’t belong, and scream at them when they walk into a bathroom that matches their sex because they don’t look like that gender, but when they start to identify with the gender that matches them and they try to use the bathroom that fits their gender identity you claim the only thing that decides their gender is sex. 

I’m sorry you can’t have both. So pick one. 

Is gender and sex the same thing? okay then the only thing that belongs to a gender is the genitals. 

Are they different things? Are their roles, rules, and expectations of a gender? Well than it’s time you start accepting the fact that people have the right to identify as the gender that fits them.