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Women dont owe you your story.

A lot of women I know are open and will share their stories of abuse, stalking, sexual assault and rape. They are strong, and you should listen.

Please listen.

But, that being said, a lot of women will speak up against rape culture or how prevalent this issue is in our society, and then be attacked or thoroughly questioned about their experiences. Assumptions made about what they have and have not experienced. Told that if they dont talk about their own experiences or share every detail of their story that its not happening.

It is happening. And there are women who do and have shared their stories. But the ones who dont are still allowed to talk about the problem. They dont owe you their story. You are not entitled to knowing the details of their darkest experiences. You are not entitled to details of any of their experiences.

Everyone should be talking about this problem, but just because they dont announce it or give details doesnt mean they havent experienced it.

How the hell did it ever get to the point wher…

How the hell did it ever get to the point where women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia

It can’t be sharia law because there were no cars 1,400 years ago. In any case, sharia law granted women lots of rights that were unavailable to women in Christian countries during those years, including the right to a prenup and the right to work.

In more complicated news, the Salafism practiced in Saudi Arabia is not recognised by other Muslims around the world (who tend to be Sunni or Shia). The nation state of Saudi Arabia is not being maintained by the world’s Muslims, then, but by a combination of the United Kingdom (who established and funded it originally) and the United States (who keeps giving them huge amounts of money and weapons). The United Kingdom and the United States keep funding this state which is antithetical to their stated democratic, liberal values for political and economic reasons. 

So, it’s the only religious chestnut of controlling women. What better way to control women than prevent them from driving? Because it’s not so much the sight of a woman in a car that they find so offensive, but the idea of a woman being independently mobile. 


Not that cosmopolitan mags have ever been great,

But shout out to cosmo for supporting sexual harassment of a man and calling it “funny” in their August 2018 confession section…

“Naturally my hand just went to slap his bum” no. You made a conscious decision to violate him.

You should feel disgusted and ashamed.

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One of two fake abortion clinics on the same street as the REAL center, the EMW’s Women Center here in downtown Louisville. This one is right next door to the actual clinic and this place is seriously a nightmarish hell-hole for any unsuspecting women tricked by the anti’s. They assure you this this the abortion clinic, they get you inside, and then offer you food and drink—which of course, means that once you realize your mistake, you can’t run next door and catch your actual appointment, since you need to fast.

Women have come out of this building crying, and on a few rare occasions, without their pants. They take you to a back room for an ultrasound, have you remove your pants, and then begin lecturing you on the sins of aborting. They do not give you back your pants until you have listened, and a few women tricked this far refused to listen and stormed out furious, ashamed, and in their underwear.

This is the anti-choice agenda—lying, tricking, shaming, and embarrassing women to the brink of hysterics in hopes that she carry the pregnancy to term. Forcing her, through lies and manipulation, to do with her body what THEY want, not what is best for her.

There is no “choice” at the Louisville “Women’s Choice” clinics. Just abuse, shame, and bigots who would rather undress a woman to make her feel vulnerable and then explain how awful of a person she is than let her make HER. CHOICE.

I reblogged this at first without checking if it was legit but it turns out it is legit and people need to be warned. A simple google search is all the evidence you need.

Resources for women in Louisville, KY! PLEASE be aware of this.

Reblogging for links.

And as a general rule: if the place says “crisis pregnancy center” or anything similar, IT IS A TRICK. Real women’s health clinics are typically called “women’s health clinics”. They do not specialize in ONLY pregnancy, because a woman has more health concerns than just that uterus. Even if you get past the name, Planned Parenthood’s full description is as a health clinic, because they screen or refer to physicians who screen for cancers and diseases, as well as educate about pregnancy (yes, they can and do explain what to expect throughout pregnancy to new mothers who want their pregnancies. My mother found her Lamaze class through a PP.)

Crisis pregnancy centers cannot call themselves “clinics” because they do not actually offer licensed medical care. If they try to use “clinic”, remember that ethical doctors would never use “crisis” in their practice’s name; a crisis is a difficult choice or situation, often with moral implications (i.e.: “crisis of faith”, “financial crisis”, “mid-life crisis”, etc.) It has nothing to do with receiving medical treatment. No one with a broken leg is having a crisis; they’re having a medical emergency. Words matter.

HOLY FUCK! I have one of those Crisis Pregnancy Centers nearby!! Signal Boost. Thanks for the info!

It disgusts me that these places are actually legal to operate.

flipping fucking what?? This shit is legal?? holding your pants hostage must fall under some penalty CMON *FOAMS AT THE MOUTH*

i saw this shit on VICE. they really paint themselves as abortion clinics just to traumatize women.

~ I M P O R T A N T ~



I posted this on Facebook and I will share it here as well: 

“In light of Pride Month, I want to understand something and maybe some of my LGBTQ friends can enlighten me:You say this month and is all about the pride to be who you really are so you don’t have to be persecuted anymore for loving who you want. You say that this pride is not the sinful, selfish form of pride.Why then do you seek to destroy the lives of anyone who speaks against you? The crossfit director who was fired, the bakery owner who declined to decorate a gay wedding cake, Christians who refuse to sign marriage licenses, churches who refuse to host gay weddings, Christian florists, the list goes on and on. You (and I’m speaking of a collective “you”) believe these people hate you, and your response doesn’t seem to show the love you so loudly profess. I’m willing to hear your side of things, as well as face backlash for even posing these questions.” 

Please let me know what you think. Hopefully we can have a discussion without resorting to swearing or name-calling.


Because differing beliefs and discrimination are not the same thing.

Because fighting for your rights is not the equivilant of “destroying someones life”.

The law says lgbt individals can marry- IT IS THEIR RIGHT. So when a worker refuses to sign a marriage liscense (when thats their job) they are not only refusing to do their job, but they are also ignoring the law.

Your religion does not have power of the state/national laws. We are a secular nation. We have secular laws. You dont get to decide whether or not other people drink, get tattoos, eat meat, write with their left hand, OR GET MARRIED.

If doing your job goes against your beliefs that is not on the people you are providing the service to that is on you and you alone.

The baker who refuses to bake the cake is discriminating. We are not forcing them to make a specific product or to run their business a specific way. We are asking for all individuals to be treated as equals. You dont get to discriminate and claim its your religious right. Its not.

If you believed that black people were immoral or if you had a “holy text” that stated poc were less than you and you refused to service them no one would argue that that is discrimination. This is the same thing.

Could you imagine if you refused to sell your product to women, poc, or left handed individuals?

If you can’t do your job because its against your beliefs, find another job.

******** I keep using we, but i dont ‘think’ I actually fall into lgbt+??? so consider the we as me speaking as an ally~ Im not trying to speak for others who are actually in the community******

Women have been complicit in their own oppress…

Women have been complicit in their own oppression from time immemorial.

Fun fact: I’m not on birth control even though…

And because my doctor inadequately explained what was going on with my body 

From the time I was thirteen my parents began “talking” to me about birth control- sorry not talking, trying to persuade me. It very quickly went from “if you’re having sex you can talk to us about it and we will put you on birthcontrol” to “you are going to have sex and we want you to go on it”. It didnt matter how clear I was about the fact that I was NOT going to have sex. It didnt matter that I had actual concerns about messing with my bodies hormones and did not want to be put on something I knew I didn’t need. 

It went from “if you’re having sex do it safely” to “we know you better than you do, you’re having sex, and if you aren’t you will be.”

I was not believed, I was not heard. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I had parents who were open to talking about sex and birthcontrol- but the thing about talking is you listen. I was never listened to. They pushed it so much that I spent nights googling whether or not a parent can force their child to take birthcontrol. It was that bad. 

When I was sixteen, I went to a gynecologist to discuss my extremely irregular periods. She asked me a bunch of questions I didn’t really understand and then told me that since my periods were too infrequent and not too frequent that it wasn’t “a serious concern”,  but suggested I go on birth control to regulate and that doing so would “reset my bodies cycle” and “could possibly help me conceive if I decide to as an adult”.

She did not explain or even discover what was causing my periods to be so random that I didnt know whether I would get it once a month or once every six months(and everything in between). All she said was birth control. 

I heard “You need to let your parents win and let the rest of the world think you were wrong about yourself and you are in fact sexually active” 

Anyways here I am, an adult who is not on birth control and still has no answers to why her body doesnt function correctly… 

So yea, lets stop putting stigmas on birth control- Lets listen to our kids- Lets have doctors who are better at talking and explaining things to young patients(or any patients)——  THANKS! 



there is nothing wrong with birth control

there is nothing wrong with emergency contraception (plan B)

there is nothing wrong with abortion

all are responsible decisions and all are valid

WAIT– There is no SHAME in needing or using emergency contraception, but lets not pretend that there is nothing wrong with it. Emergency contraception is dangerous, should really only be used once (IN EMERGENCIES). 

Now if you need it more than once I am not here to judge you. You are valid, and you’re reasons are as well.

But, please try to limit use of this, it can wreck havoc on your body. Please do a LOT of research before you take anything(especially more than once). 

Same goes for abortion and birthcontrol, but usually those two have WAY more doctor guidance, and Plan B often doesnt. 

Just please, please, please, mind your body. 

“thats not men, thats boys”

“you’re talking about girls not real women” 

I’m sorry, but when a 30 year old individual does a bad thing you don’t get to claim that they’re not a “real man/woman”. They are. They are real. They are an adult.

Condemn the actions, don’t protect the label. 

He’s a man, just not a good one. 

She’s a women, just not a good one.

The Catholic Church in Ireland has been partic…

The Catholic Church in Ireland has been particularly unpleasant to women in a variety of ways. If you are an Irish woman and still an observant Catholic, I can only assume you have some sort of Helsinki Syndrome.